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太阳马戏团(Cirque du Soleil)以壮观奇妙的表演享誉全球,其成功背后少不了亚克力(Aggreko)公司提供的远程电源保障服务,而亚克力的温控技术更保障了演员的精彩发挥。君秀团队充满激情地参与视频纪录片的摄像,见证亚克力和太阳马戏团长期合作带来的精彩成果。魔术臂等拍摄设备被调用以摄取各种奇特视角的演出效果。

When you work with an agency you need to know that they know their stuff, invest passionately into your projects and can be trusted to get the job done beyond your expectations. To me, Shoot You fill all the criteria.
– Global Brand Manager - Aggreko