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为企业和个人远程供电是人们常常理所当然的一项基本服务。 在此视频宣传片中,亚力克希望揭示远程供电涉及的宏大运营规模,并展现项目背后充满热情的亚力克专业人员的非凡努力。为了实现这一目标,君秀摄像团队和特别挑选的专业演员在一起,足迹遍及全球的若干主要城市和偏远社区,拍摄周期长达六周,以丰富而有说服力的镜头描述了亚力克的业务。

When you work with an agency you need to know that they know their stuff, invest passionately into your projects and can be trusted to get the job done beyond your expectations. To me, Shoot You fill all the criteria.
– Global Brand Manager - Aggreko